Toxic Burn Pit Facts

The military scandal that no one is taking about: How trash pits are hurting our soldiers.

Our veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have fasted many perils in battle while on tour. But one of most dangerous things they had to face was in their own encampments: toxic burn pits. Caused by burning trash and disgarded supplies, many of the items burned gave off noxious fumes. Prolonged exposure to these pit fumes has cause many illnesses and injuries to our servicemen, many of them needing care for the rest of their lives. This page was created to draw awareness and act as a resource for servicemen to seek help if they’ve been affected by burn pits.

The Secret Danger

As more of our military service members are coming back from tours overseas, they often need additional medical care. However, many veterans may not be aware that some conditions are being caused by toxic burn pits.

This page was created to draw attention to the hidden dangers in trash disposal. Many of these pits were allowed to operate through military subcontractors, despite some of them knowing that the disposal of items contained toxic ingredients. This has opened up an opportunity for service members to seek compensation for these burn pit induced injuries. Pairing with a renowned law firm, the team wanted to get the word out to in turn help the soldiers who have sacrificed their health for our country’s freedom.

Toxic Burn Pit Legislation Fact Design