Kohl’s Calphalon Brand Minisite

A helpful interactive guide to help home cooks pick the Calphalon cookware that’s right for them.

The Online Storefront

Online browsing has been shown to be one of the early steps for a home cook to decide which cookware set to purchase. We want Calphalon to be top of mind when they are ready to pull the trigger. In order to establish the brand recognition, Calphalon needed to create an online storefront for their Kohl’s cookware. I created concepts for a Flash-based minisite to convey the brand vision.

Kohl's Cooking with Calphalon Cookware Microsite Desktop Live

Home Page: Introducing the Brand

The main splash page features a brand statement and banner photo. The imagery and language coincides with a new packaging and merchandising rollout in stores.

Right Navigation Panel: Available Product Lines

Calphalon is renowned for their quality products, so we want to keep the product always top of mind for the shopper. Therefore, the right panel for all the pages shows the diverse selection: aluminum and stainless steel cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools. When you click on one of the buttons, the left panel shows the available lines for the type of product. When you hover on each product line, it will reveal three featured products linking to the item page.

Top Navigation Panel: Product Comparison Chart

Research has shown that consumers can often be overwhelmed with choice. I created a comparison chart for all the Calphalon lines available at Kohl’s. The shopper can easily compare different features of their cookware to find which product would be perfect for them.