LexisNexis Fraud Awareness Microsite

Fraud has a larger impact on your personal life and business than you may realize. This interactive graphic explains how.

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A New Business Network Kicks Off

LexisNexis approached my team with an opportunity to spread awareness about their launch of the Fraud Prevention Network in time for Fraud Prevention week. They wanted to make a big splash, incorporating traditional, SEO and social efforts to increase traffic to their segment of the business. After meeting with LexisNexis, we decided an interactive infographic and a Fraud Assessment quiz would be the best content to develop and contribute as part of their social strategy.

The brand has very strict guidelines, so it was a challenge keeping within those restrictions. The end result was something informative, colorful, and on-message with the product they wanted to complement. It was relatively successful on social media being shared over 171 times on LinkedIn.

LexisNexis Fraud Awareness Interactive Infographic

Features to Engage the User

LexisNexis Fraud Awareness Feature Image Facts

Compelling Facts

The main purpose of the minisite is to engage and educate the potential customer. We wanted the page to be very factual, so the design is peppered with little known facts about fraud. I wanted to drive the message home that fraud is a serious epidemic, so the the most grievous facts are called out in large, bold fonts and colors.

Interactive Timeline

The client wanted to include a time feature, with content detailing fraud throughout history. It was a highly investigative project, involving research from 150 years of events. Each event had a corresponding thumbnail image to help break up the sheer amount of content.

LexisNexis Fraud Awareness Feature Image Timeline
LexisNexis Fraud Awareness Feature Image Industry

Impact By Industry:

Since LexisNexis has several different business segments that cater to specific needs, we wanted to narrow down the content to different audiences. I created an AJAX multi-panel tabs featuring a copy blurb about each industry. Each tab points to resources for that industry, which helps lead in views into the LexisNexis sales funnel.

Fraud Awareness Quiz

We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for social shares. As part of the content schedule for the minisite, I designed a Fraud Awareness Quiz. The concept from LexisNexis was to educate potential customers on the dangers of fraud and how susceptible they can be to scammers. The LexisNexis team crafted the questions and I crafted the design.

The look parallels the branding and creative in the infographic above. The 10-question quiz has a progress tracker in the top right corner. At the end, there is a page that shows your results, along with social share buttons to easily share your results. The Fraud Awareness Quiz was shared over 47 times on LinkedIn.

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LexisNexis Fraud Awareness Interactive Quiz