CINCSystems Property Management Dashboard

A web-based application for property managers and homeowners associations to better manage their neighborhoods by creating a single platform to suit their needs.

CINCSystems needed a user interface for a new administration platform they were developing for their clients. This would be a central hub for managers to track property invoices, events, messages and documents. I created a user-friendly interface that would allow users to complete their application tasks with ease and speed.

A UI for A New Cutting Edge Product

CINCSystems, a leading property management software company, was bringing to marketing a new software platform. They wanted to revolutionize the marketing by offering property managers a software that allows associations to build their own websites. The websites would streamline all their communications with homeowners and board members, allowing them to run communities completely online.

The client needed a user interface that would make it easy for administrators to set up their websites. Most administrators operated many properties, and wanted a quick way to set up websites in bulk. However, one of the goals of the project was also to allow custom web development. This would allow administrators to have a basic set up or go into detail customizing content for each association if they chose to.

CINCSystems Property Management Administrator Tool Page Layouts Application