Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Site Redesign

A new responsive design and site structure built to increase case clients and grow the firm brand.

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The client ordered a brand new theme and page structure for their site for their 2016 launch. It features a much more approachable look and feel, cleaning up the chaotic layout to create something more clear and streamlined.

The goal for the new design was to ultimately increase conversions via phone calls, online chat and web forms. In order to do that, all points of contact were placed in clear locations but without disrupting the page message. I also wanted to add strong “trust elements” to the page; adding cues that convey the message to the user that the client is experienced, successful for their clients, and trustworthy. This was accomplished by not only calling attention to their case results and awards, but in a subtle manner with engaging photography; friendly, “open” typography, and clean page design.

Steinger Iscoe Greene Close Up Mega Menu Navigation

Custom Mega Menu

I wanted to catch the customers’ attention with a smart, clean menu that has engaging imagery, which allows the user to navigate quickly. The menu also serves the purpose of enhancing the brand trustworthiness– having “About Us”, “In The Community”, and “Resources” easily accessible.

Sorting Profile Pages

Inspired by other law firms’ ease of use in their digital directories, the client and I collaborated to create something unique. This page features multiple sorting options, where a user can search for a staff member by location or title.

Steinger Iscoe Greene Closeup Bio Profile Page
Steinger Iscoe Greene Frequently Asked Questions

Our Process & FAQ’s

The client values educating their clients, so I wanted to emphasize articles & FAQs to engage and attract potential clients. On the home page there is interactive educational content with will drive users to explore the site and ultimately convert.

The Complete Design

It all comes together to make a huge impact, tying together with traditional media advertising, pay-per-click and geofencing app efforts. Those long term strategies drive traffic to the new site, with the goal and execution optimized for converting potential clients to paying cases.