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Steinger, Iscoe & Greene UX Case Study

Matching the In-Person Experience with Your Web Experience:A Nationally Recognized Law Firm Gets A Facelift

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Back to the Future:Updating the Site for the Times

Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is a very well known law firm in South Florida with a huge traditional media presence. They have been doing extremely well in recent years, growing at an incredible pace, but had not updated their website in years. They had also “retrofitted” the site with responsive styles, which lead to less than ideal user experience on tablets and mobile.

We made the new marketing manager aware of these legacy issues, and in turn, gave the green light to update the look to match new digital marketing initiatives they were taking while growing the business.

Steinger Iscoe Greene Old Site Design
Example of site before research.
Steinger Iscoe Greene Menu Flowchart

Bringing The Experience Back To The User

When the site was brought to my agency years ago, it was fully optimized for SEO and had been very successful in that realm. However, since recent search algorithm updates, we wanted to proceed with the “New SEO” – creating a marriage of SEO structure and great User Experience.

As you can see in the chart to the right, our team carefully crafted a navigation structure based on click and traffic data. We ran an analysis of top trafficked child pages for each parent category. This allowed us to plan a site structure that would appeal to human beings as well as search engines.


I started to craft high fidelity wireframes, which helped me flesh out ideas for content and functionality.

Steinger Iscoe Greene Wireframes

New Photography

As the plans for the design came together, we wanted remain authentic to the law firm’s brand: warm, approachable, but also not afraid to be a little flashy. We strongly advised a new photo shoot to coincide with the redesign since the wireframes relied on strong, big imagery.

I put together a style guide for the photographer full of recommendations of the mood and types of shots we would need. I recommended warm tones & natural lighting. I also included a series of stock photo examples that reflected the style we wanted. The stylebook was tremendously helpful for the marketing manager to hire the right photographer.

Steinger Iscoe Greene Photography Style Guide

The End Result

Once all of the strategy and wireframing was approved, I proceeded to create mockups to bring the vision to life. The mockups were approved and passed on to the dev team, who created a new WordPress theme in a series of work sprints. The goal for development was to clean up a lot of the backend issues that had preceded the new site. Once those were addressed, the site went live with much excitement for the client.

I am continuing to collect data on the new launch, so stay tuned for updates!

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Steinger Iscoe Greene Complete Home Page Laptop Mockup