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Supply Chain Finance Site Concept

How I Created a New Site Strategy for a Client Based on User Data

A longtime SEO client wanted their site redesigned for the upcoming fiscal year. They knew their site was outdated by several years and was inherited from a previous SEO agency. But little did they know, based on data, how ineffective their current site was. I assessed their current site activity and came up with a plan for them to capture new clients and grow their online presence.

The Problem

While the client was getting large amounts of traffic from the aforementioned SEO efforts, they were experience site-wide high bounce rates. Users were only spending seconds on the site before they left, or were returning users going straight to the login to access the platform.

The site also lacked an overall sense of identity; our own team had to scour pages until we found anything that explain who the company was or what they did. Which is obviously bad news, as the client wanted to grow new business.

The client also had encountered limitations with their current site and they wanted have advanced functionality with the redesign: testing, email marketing integration, and inbound marketing.

The Messaging Disconnect

Users the Client Wants to Reach

Users Actually On Site

Based on Views of Highest Trafficked Pages

  • Chief Financial Officer or Controller
  • Director of Finance
  • Treasurer
  • Global Director of Sales
  • Director of Credit Management
  • Business Analysts & Business IntelligenceBehavior: logging into system
  • Jr. Finance AnalystBehavior: logging into system, gathering data for CFO
  • Supplier Manager or Project ManagerBehavior: using system as supply chain partner
  • Technology Officer or IT LeadBehavior: integrating systems in to workflow

New Site Goals

We identified 4 major goals we wanted the new site to accomplish:


Have the site speak to who they are.

The website didn’t make it clear. We asked the client, “what kind of vision do you want to project? What kind of company do you want to be?”


Have the client become a global leader within their industry.

We revise the overall look and feel and the tone of the copy to speak to their industry expertise. We want the site to demonstrate their award-winning service and software.


Show potential customers that the client wants to help grow their businesses.

Implement the client’s motto: “Better than anyone, we free up cash for companies to invest in their future” by showing the client cares about their users. Exemplify to the clients’ customers that the service and software addresses their business’s needs.


Educate potential customers about the benefits of the software and financial solutions.

Explain why the potential customers need it and why should they choose the product over other software competitors.

Supply Chain Finance Data Analysis Heatmap

The Analysis

After collecting data from analytics and heatmaps, we discovered a high bounce rate (58.52%), which was atypical for the number of new sessions (37.45%) that they receive. We took a deep dive into their home page design to figure out what may be causing the high bounce rates among new sessions.

User Behavior

  • Most traffic to the “login” button: In this case, most users are returning users, and clicking directly on the “Login” button to access the software platform.
  • Limited clicks in the banner, no clicks on several buttons in the menu: Indicating unclear messaging and direction cues.
  • No clicks in “Benefits” buttons: Remove 4 blue boxes, making benefits &amp links more obvious
  • Scrollmap: Few scrolls down the page: Engage the user

The Solution

Through several rounds of revisions, we presented the following:

An immediate eye catching visual above the fold

  • We want to capture people within the first few seconds of landing on
    the site.
  • Predominant video of how the software/process works. We want to
    emphasize how the client’s software solves business problemsHave the banner show a supply chain video of business in action.

Simplified navigation: Don’t make the user think about it

  • Cleaned up navigation that makes sense
  • Include clean “Search” and “Login”

Emphasize their credibility

  • Tie the concept to something concrete. While supply chain finance is a
    nebulous concept, if we can show actual results of using the software, potential users will be more likely to believe.
  • Have a live ticker of total processed payments that are going through
    their software
  • Show off awards. We discovered that awards and accolades were
    hidden deep within the old site, and we wanted them to become more predominant as trust factors.

Show the benefits of the product

  • Make the topics / copywriting easier to understand, yet empowering
    the user to make their own assessments about the product
  • A “Demo” or “Try Now” of the software product on site. Can be a
    prototype dashboard or video walkthrough
  • You potential customer already knows they are interested in supply chain
    financing for their company, they are looking at your site to see what sets
    you apart from other services. Suggestion for content: comparison chart vs. competitor

Tell the brand story

  • n The client is the top supply chain financier in the world, and their goal
    is help our customers free up cash flow to grow their businesses.
  • n Priority must be to educate potential consumers, “Resources” become
Supply Chain Finance Rough Whiteboard Wireframe
The team had a brainstorm session and came up with a potential wireframe that captured all of the ideas.
Supply Chain Finance About Home Mockup
Supply Chain Finance About Home Mockup
Suppy Chain Finance Complete Home Mockup