Underage DUI Infographic

Spreading awareness of the physical dangers and financial risks of underage drinking and driving

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Realizing DUI Dangers

The client needed new, engaging content to help drive traffic to their site through SEO and social shares. As a DUI Defense lawyer, the topic could be a little dry, so the team took the initiative to try something new. The client was interested in doing a story about underage DUI, which would target high school students and parents of students. We knew social media was the best route to go to target this demographic, so I set about creating an infographic to portray our research on the topic.

The underlying point of the infographic was to deter young people from drinking in driving by cautioning them of the lethality. Then, we wanted to make them aware of the repercussions: it could endanger your college admissions, career, and financial stability. I brought it together by telling a story, and visually complementing the site brand and colors.

Underage DUI Statistics Infographic